Natural Mat

Fun wool facts

Did you know...

  1. Wool is still able to keep you warm even when it gets damp. This is exactly why we have included wool in so many of our baby products. We want to enable children to get the best rest possible.
  2. Wool is fire resistant. Naturalmat are pioneers in this field. Nothing is more important to us than your safety. That’s why we made our latex and coir mattresses fire retardant. 
  3. Wool is wrinkle resistant. We’ve made ironing one less thing for you to think about.
  4. Wool has also been traditionally used to cover cloth nappies. No more wetness for baby when they are sleeping on a Naturalmat waterproof mattress protector.
  5. Wool can be extended to up to 70% of its natural length and when the tension is released, it returns to its natural length. Now you know how durable our mattresses really are.
  6. We are pleased to support the Campaign for Wool and celebrate the natural qualities of the fibre, we encourage you to do the same. Read more about  it here.