Our range of adult bed duvets offers a great choice when selecting the very best duvet for you to snuggle into and keep warm at night.

You will find a traditional white goose down duvets, which are wonderfully soft and fluffy, containing a clever combination of goose down and feather. As well as goose down duvets in two different tog ratings ideal for warmer summer nights or winter chills, we have come up with another way of using our locally sourced organic lambswool – by making them into our very own, handmade organic wool duvets.

The organic wool duvets are something very special, as they offer natural insulation and breathability having a much lower profile, taking up less space. All our organic wool duvets are handmade at the same factory as our mattresses and beds. They are completely chemical free, diamond-shaped quilted and come in different weights, with cotton ties around the edges – for when the temperature really plummets you can simply tie them together…which is guaranteed to keep you toasty!

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