Lambswool Nursery Bedding

Our luxury child mattress toppers are made by hand on the banks of River Exe in Devon by skilled artisans who have harnessed the amazing potential of natural and organic materials to create a truly unique extra level of comfort and personalisation to your sleep.

We are lucky to create our child mattress toppers in such a wool-rich part of UK sourcing only the best, natural and organic lambswool directly from local farmers.

A key ingredient in all of our mattresses, organic lambswool features in almost all of our luxury child mattress toppers, providing natural and organic insulation, breathability and blissful comfort.

From shearing sheep to great sleep – it's a simple concept that has worked for hundreds of years and we are thrilled to play a small part in furthering that tradition. Browse our range of luxury mattress toppers with our signature organic lambswool inside. From pure lambswool mattress topper, like our Frome mattress topper to the top of the range Tremendous mattress topper – you are bound to find something for a blissful night’s sleep.

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