Organic Handcrafted Beds Made In The UK

Naturalmat luxury beds and bed bases are all made by hand, here in Devon on the banks of River Exe, with the same commitment to creating bespoke natural sleeping environments that drives our organic mattress making for all the family.

The first British company to craft a mattress from 100% natural and organic ingredients, Naturalmat is on a mission to introduce a healthier and more comfortable bed culture in the UK. Whether it’s an Ottoman, Divan, Sleigh, or Platform style, all our luxury beds and bed frames are handcrafted to give you a natural night’s sleep.


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  1. The Torrington Bed
    The Torrington Bed
    From £980.00
  2. The Prideaux Bed
    The Prideaux Bed
    From £555.00
  3. The Fiador Bed
    The Fiador Bed
    From £650.00
  4. The Stella Bed
    The Stella Bed
    From £650.00
  5. The Dartmouth Bed
    The Dartmouth Bed
    From £895.00
  6. Halyard Bed | Naturalmat Organic Beds and Mattresses
    The Halyard Bed
    From £545.00
  7. The Lanyard Bed
    The Lanyard Bed
    From £535.00
  8. The Sommeil Bed
    The Sommeil Bed
    From £1,285.00
  9. The Sommeil Bed Without Footend
    The Sommeil Bed Without Footend
    From £1,200.00