Natural Latex Mattresses

Our luxury mattresses are made by hand on the banks of River Exe in Devon by skilled artisans who have harnessed the amazing potential of natural and organic materials to create a truly unique extra level of comfort and personalisation to your sleep.

In its raw form, natural latex is a sticky, milky sap that’s drawn off from the rubber tree in a process known as tapping. Incisions are made in the bark and the fluid is then collected as it drips off. This is an entirely sustainable process. In fact, if tapped correctly, a Pará rubber tree can be harvested for decades.

To produce the natural latex used in our mattresses, the sap is filled with air bubbles, giving it the springiness that makes it so supportive. We love natural latex because its cushioned structure delivers a comfortable and restful night's sleep. One of the natural latex’s major benefits is how it supports pressure points like hips and shoulders, which can be aggravated by less dense mattresses.

Check out our range of luxury mattresses featuring natural latex, like out top of the range Sumptuous Pocket Sprung mattress or any of our Natural Fibre mattress. Each composition of our Natural Fibre and Pocket Spring mattress is unique – so you are guaranteed to find a mattress containing natural latex which is perfect for you.

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