Pocket sprung mattresses

Sleep soundly on the highest quality hand nested pocket springs

Naturalmat’s pocket sprung mattresses are slept on in five star hotels all over the world. Our springs are individually nested into cotton pockets by hand, ensuring they won’t move, stretch or distort - no lumpy beds here!

We then wrap the pocket springs in layers of sustainable and organic materials for the ultimate in sleep comfort.

Our team of craftsmen make each mattress by hand, to order, using Soil Association certified materials such as organic coconut fibre - an amazing natural resource that gives spring and density. We also buy organic wool direct from local farmers in Devon and Somerset and use it to provide cushiony softness all night long.

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Why choose a pocket sprung mattress?

When people talk to us about what they are looking for it’s usually three things - comfort, quality workmanship and an environmentally friendly mattress.

Our pocket sprung mattresses give all the bouncy comfort you’d expect, wrapped up in sustainable materials that are responsibly sourced and hypoallergenic.

The mattresses are wrapped in a hand made cotton tick, which is treated with Greenfirst - an all natural treatment derived from geranium, lavender, lemon and eucalyptus. This undetectable treatment banishes bed bugs, dust mites, mosquitoes and moths for the life of the mattress. We use no fire retardant chemicals - instead we have developed a way of weaving wool into our covers which meets all the relevant British Fire Safety Standards without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals.

Each mattress is made by hand by our team in Devon, at our bedworks on the banks of the River Exe. The bedworks runs on solar energy, so each stitch and tuft in your finished mattress is powered by the sun alone!

Over the past 20 years we have made thousands of mattresses and sent them all over the world. We are very proud of our award winning quality, and hope you’ll love your new mattress for many years to come. However if you’re not sure which Naturalmat mattress you should get into bed with, visit one of our showrooms to test them out, and see if you prefer a squish or a bounce!

Call us on 01392 877 247 if you have a question or would like to speak to an expert about picking the right mattress or any other product for you.  We are available 9-5pm Mon-Fri, Sat 10am-4pm

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