Long Single Size Mattress Toppers

Our luxury large single mattress toppers, are made by hand on the banks of River Exe in Devon by skilled artisans who have harnessed the amazing potential of natural and organic materials to create a truly unique extra level of comfort and personalisation to your sleep – which you can achieve with our large single mattress topper.

Designed to work in harmony with our mattresses, to enhance the comfort levels, our large single mattress topper adds a level of pure luxury. Our large single mattress topper can inject life into your ageing mattress if you aren’t quite ready to part with it. A large single mattress topper can also provide a seamless surface to sleep on if you and your partner have a zip and link mattress with different comfort levels, making snuggling time in the middle of the bed that much more comfortable. Each of our large single mattress toppers is unique offering something different – truly placing the power into your hands and letting you fine-tune your perfect sleeping environment. All our luxury large single mattress toppers are handmade in the UK from the finest natural fibres.

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