Single Size Mattress Toppers

Organic Mattress Toppers For Single Beds

Our luxury single mattress toppers are made by hand on the banks of River Exe in Devon. We have harnessed the amazing potential of natural and organic materials to create a truly unique extra level of comfort for your bed.
Treat any occasional guests to a mattress upgrade. If you don’t want to replace that tired mattress just yet a new topper can save Granny from having to endure the lumps and bumps.

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Why use a single mattress topper?

Designed to work in harmony with our mattresses, to enhance the comfort levels, our single mattress topper adds a level of pure luxury. Our single mattress topper can inject life into your ageing mattress if you aren’t quite ready to part with it.

Each of our single mattress toppers is unique, offering something different – truly placing the power into your hands and letting you fine-tune your perfect sleeping environment.
All our luxury single mattress toppers are handmade in the UK from the finest natural fibres. We use materials including local wool, sourced from organic farms across Devon and Cornwall. We also use recycled denim fibre - a surplus from the fashion industry. Our single mattress toppers are given spring by natural latex, which is tapped from the Hevea tree. All of our toppers are wrapped in a crisp cotton cambric to ensure longevity.

We would recommend using a mattress protector over the top of your topper to protect it from any spills and ensure it lasts as long as it should do.
Free delivery is available across the UK. Toppers are hand made to order by our team in Devon, so are usually delivered within 3-4 weeks.

Call us on 01392 877 247 if you have a question or would like to speak to an expert about picking the right mattress or any other product for you.  We are available 9-5pm Mon-Fri, Sat 10am-4pm

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