Superking Size Mattress Toppers

Organic Mattress Toppers For Super King Size Beds

Naturalmat have been making organic, sustainable mattresses, toppers and beds for 20 years. Our bedworks in Devon is run on solar energy, so every stitch of your new queen size mattress topper is powered by the sun alone.

You may have come across our mattresses and toppers while staying in hotels. Many luxury hotels and resorts around the world use Naturalmat products to give their guests a five star sleep experience. These include highly regarded locations such as Chewton Glen, Six Senses Resorts and Qbic Hotels.

Add an indulgent layer of comfort to your bed by picking one of the super king size mattress toppers below. Tailor your bed to you...

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  1. The Silk and Wool Topper
    The Silk and Wool Topper
    From £395.00
  2. The Tremendous Topper
    The Tremendous Topper
    From £425.00
  3. The Terrific Topper
    The Terrific Topper
    From £345.00
  4. The Bovey Topper
    The Bovey Topper
    From £325.00
  5. The Trendy Topper
    The Trendy Topper
    From £260.00
  6. The Frome Topper
    The Frome Topper
    From £285.00
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Why use a super king size mattress topper?

We often hear complaints from people who have bought a synthetic memory foam mattress, and now find they overheat at night. The oil based memory foam doesn’t allow airflow and can cause a build up of heat around the body. Adding a mattress topper that is made up of layers of natural materials such as lambswool and cotton fibres allows air to flow and heat to dispel, leading to a more comfortable night and a better sleep.

Super king size mattresses are often made with a zip and link join that runs North to South down the middle of the bed. This makes it possible to deliver through domestic doorways and up narrow staircases.
You may also opt for a zip and link if you and your partner choose to have a firm mattress on one side, and a softer one on the other.
A super king size mattress topper will smooth over the zip and link join, meaning you can enjoy the full surface of your mattress with no annoying joins pressing through the sheet.

Call us on 01392 877 247 if you have a question or would like to speak to an expert about picking the right mattress or any other product for you.  We are available 9-5pm Mon-Fri, Sat 10am-4pm

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