1. How old are you? 49.

2. Where do you live? In Branscombe.

3. Do you have a partner, children and/or any pets? One wife, three children, two cats, one dog, two horses, five sheep and a free-range guinea fowl.

4. How did you get into your business? I noticed that sleeping on boats was very uncomfortable and it must be possible to do something better.

5. Can you tell us a bit about your business? We at Naturalmat now make a range of mattresses and beds using organic and natural materials for the home, nursery and marine markets.

6. What's the one tip you would give to start-up businesses?  Never take no for an answer, there is always a solution; and prepare to be poor for a while.

7. What's the one object you cannot live without? Dijon mustard.

8. How would you describe yourself? Energetic, persistent and not too serious.

9. Why should people come to Exeter? Exeter is a great city and my family have lived here for generations. It has coast, country and moor in a striking district, a world class university and good infrastructure.

10. What do you think the city is missing/lacking in? A lido, ice rink (daughter's request, aged ten) and better flight connections into Europe

11. What is your greatest strength? Always being focused on what is best for the business.

12. What is your biggest weakness? Always thinking about work.

13. Where's your favourite holiday destination? The island of Brac in Croatia.

14. What book are you currently reading? Never seem to have time to get into a novel, usually absorb The Week or Spectator.  Last book was Last Man Off.

15. What's your best party dish? Pot roasted guinea fowl and fennel, a classic Italian Rogers and Gray recipe, and a pecan chocolate tart to finish.

16. If you could invite any three people in the world to a dinner party, who would they be and why? Richard Branson - inspirational and compulsive; entrepreneur, Ranulph Fiennes - I am sure he has some good stories to tell (Patrick Leigh-Fermor would have been higher on the list but sadly deceased); Heston Blumenthal - he could cook and show us how to do it.

17. If you were Prime Minister for the day, what would you do? Free travel to anywhere else in UK and back, on the basis that you had to explore a part of the British Isles that you had never been to before.

18. If you could re-visit your younger self, what advice would you give him/her? Start your business earlier, and be prepared to take more risks; I think you would get further faster.

19. What's the craziest thing that's ever happened to you in business? Negotiating with a private equity boss who wanted to spoof for an equity percentage.

20. Describe your perfect Sunday. Wake up early-ish, run to Beer and back, swim at Branscombe.  Fresh Branscombe crab, new potatoes and home-made mayonnaise with family and friends at home.