If you are looking to add a touch of nature to your bedroom, try adding English cut or locally grown flowers which are better for the environment and bring a fresher, natural look.

Most flowers sold at supermarkets or florists are grown overseas and purchased from flower markets in Holland. The flowers are chemically treated and refrigerated to keep them fresh for transport and storage. In recent years there has been increase in popularity of local flowers that are grown in farms and sold through local florists. Local flowers haven’t travelled long distance so are better for the environment as they have a lower carbon footprint. Choosing local flowers also helps you support your local farmer and florist.

British grown seasonal flowers are freshly picked so look more natural and have more scent. The availability will change through the seasons bringing a fresh look and you can even find varieties not sold in the global flower trade. To display your floral arrangements, try upcycling used food tins, milk bottles or tea mugs. These make an eye catching alternative to traditional vases and will give a new life to unused household items.

Courtesy of St Leonards Flowers.

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