Naturalmat’s new Sleep Zone marks a completely new concept in bed-buying.

Inspired by research, and designed in collaboration with sleep consultant, Christabel Majendie, the Sleep Zone is a private space, providing shoppers with the optimum conditions for choosing their perfect bed.

The intimate ‘home from home’ setting is quite distinct from the usual mattress buying experience, where customers are expected to make their choice in a crowded space lying on beds that are cheek by jowl under harsh bright lights. In the Sleep Zone, Naturalmat aims to provide an environment where consumers feel unselfconscious and relaxed and in a frame of mind where they can make an unhurried, objective decision about what they do and don’t like.

There are six sleep pods in the Zone, each one housing a different Naturalmat bed and mattress combination, the pods are arranged at the back of the store under low level lighting and the whole space is infused with a specially created sleep scent. An aroma specialist based in Japan combined seven specific essential oils to form a perfume that uses 100% natural essences from plants, trees, fruits, roots and owers. The Naturalmat Scent includes Spanish lavender, Australian eucalyptus, rose and geranium from Africa, and a touch of spearmint from China. Mark says, “It’s magical to think that these essences from every corner of the world combine to create a scent which makes a perfect calming environment in your own homefrom Lavender, Eucalyptus and Geranium.

Visitors to the Sleep Zone will also be lulled by Naturalmat’s sleep soundtrack that will help to create the perfect bed-buying experience.

Visit the Sleep Zone at The Old Dairy, 66a Paddenswick Road, W6 0UB