Move over coconut water, there’s a new super substance derived from the coco palm that’s taking the world by storm, and anyone with mind to be truly healthy is packing it into their lives.

Introducing coir, a natural fibre harvested from the husks of ripe coconuts and used to make healthy mattresses, flooring and brushes. Its benefits have long been celebrated by those in the know, but with the importance of sleep hitting the headlines on a daily basis, sleep experts, bed makers and those who just need some decent shut-eye have been looking for products to aide sleep, and on pretty much every level, coir is a bedroom hero.

Packed with sleep-enhancing goodies, coir is naturally breathable, absorbent and supportive which creates a great environment for getting the eight hours recommend by the National Sleep Foundation. It’s also naturally springy and incredibly durable unlike synthetic foams, so there’s no chance you’ll be lying on any chemical nasties found in polyurethane foam, which is so often used in the production of manmade mattresses.

At five-star hotel and spa chain Six Senses they are pioneering travel wellness with the introduction of bed bases containing coir, natural bedding and specially trained ‘sleep ambassadors’ who will tweak your room to optimise sleep as part of an exciting new offering.

And asthma and allergy sufferers are also discovering the benefits of coir which supports easy breathing thanks to its natural anti-dust mite qualities. Exeter mum Lizzie Jenner, who suffers from asthma, says she saw a real difference after switching to a natural mattress containing coir: “I was intrigued by the possibility that natural materials might help my asthma as dust mites are well-known trigger. Since switching to a Naturalmat mattress my asthma flare-ups have significantly reduced and I am sleeping so much better too.”

Naturalmat are one of only a handful of companies making 100% natural mattresses in the UK and they have long been advocates of the hairy nut fibre that plays such a starring role in their products: “We discovered coir about 20 years ago and now we source it from the world’s only certified organic coconut plantation in Sri Lanka,” says founder Peter Tindall. “It’s naturally springy as it is designed to protect the actual nut when the coconut falls from the tree which makes it a fantastic material for mattresses. It’s also strong and breathable so you’ll be comfortable in bed which is vital for good sleep and all of the health benefits that brings.”

A hip and healthy choice for everyone from style-conscious home decorators to clean-living fans, coir-containing products are the latest spinoff of the wonder nut that just keeps on giving. Perhaps not surprising given that it grows on the aptly named Tree of Life.