With long days and late nights, it can be hard to get the right amount of sleep during the summer and, with the warmer weather causing us to overheat, it can become difficult for our bodies to acclimatise to the heat.

During hot spells our bodies can struggle to produce adequate levels of melatonin - the hormone that helps us sleep by dropping our core body temperature - making it all the more difficult to get the rest we need. With tiredness from a poor night’s sleep impacting on our ability to function the following day, it’s essential that, during the summertime, we adapt our lifestyle to ensure we still get the amount of sleep we need.

From the stuffier weather to prolonged hours of natural light, finding the right conditions for falling asleep can often seem like a challenge during the summertime. That’s why today, we’re bringing you 4 simple ways that you can adapt your bedroom to suit the season’s hotter climate, so you can still enjoy the rest you need all year round.

1. Switch out thick duvets

Sleep experts suggest that the optimum temperature for a good night’s sleep is between 16°C and 18°C, so as seasons change and the temperatures rise, the need for choosing different bedding in the summertime will come as no surprise. Thick, winter tog duvets will keep you warm and toasty throughout the cooler months, but as the weather warms up, opting for thinner 1.5 to 4.5 tog duvets will mean that you can get a good night’s sleep without overheating in the humid climate.

2. Stow away heavy floor rugs and furnishings

Lowering the overall temperature of the room is one of the most effective ways in which you can encourage sleep, and that means by removing added insulation from your bedroom, you could improve your chances of getting some much-needed slumber in the summertime. Let the room breathe by stripping back heavy rugs to expose your wooden flooring, and by stowing away decorative throws and wall hangings for the season too. This way, you’ll be able to settle down for the night in a significantly more comfortable climate.

3. Invest in blackout blinds

With experts suggesting that our productivity levels go hand-in-hand with our quality of sleep, ensuring that we’re getting a good night’s sleep throughout the year is a must. Avoiding a disruptive sleeping routine means that we can make the most out of the following day, and while many of us attempt to stick to a similar bedtime throughout the year, the late night and early morning natural light that is synonymous with summertime can often affect our biological clocks. Blackout curtains can help to overcome this issue by serving as a barrier to the sunlight - so whatever the time of day, by opting for sleep-friendly blinds, your body can get the rest that it needs to stay fully functional.

4. Treat yourself to a mattress topper

The summer brings some of the most challenging conditions for getting a good night’s sleep, and that means there’s never been a better time to ensure that your bed is giving you all the support you need. If you’re not yet ready to part with your ageing mattress, adding an extra layer of luxury to your bed with a mattress topper could give you the additional level of comfort that you’ve been dreaming of - and by opting for hypo-allergenic and naturally breathable materials, you can sleep easy with your high-quality mattress topper.

Whether it’s a busy parent, temperamental child or full-time worker, getting a good night’s sleep is essential for those trying to function at full power - and by adapting your bedroom to suit the summer season, you’ll have a better chance of achieving this.