Last month, we recruited a toddler aged two for the Natural Sleep Challenge.

She suffered from occasional restlessness and night sweats so we switched her synthetic foam mattress to our natural fibre mattress and organic bedding to see what impact this would have on her sleeping patterns. We provided the Quilted Latex Mat in cotbed size, with our organic mattress protector and fitted sheets. A month later, we checked in with mum, Tilly, to find out how they are getting on.

“We haven't had any night sweats still and she has been getting out of bed much less and sleeping longer! No night sweats on the new mattress - the only one she had was when she sneaked into our bed in the middle of the night and snuggled inbetween us! “

“The first night she was in and out of bed quite a bit - I imagine this is because she was on a completely new mattress, since being on her foam one for over 2 years.”

“But from the second night onwards she has generally slept really well, through most nights, and until 7am which has pleased me a lot as she was rising much earlier. As a result, her 7-month old sister has been sleeping through the night too from not being disturbed...and mummy & daddy! I'm feeling pretty chirpy!”

Our toddler tester wasn’t keen on the cotton percale fitted sheet as it was more crisp than she is used to so we changed this to a brushed cotton sheet which she much preferred. She said “it's very soft like a rabbit and said she's going to be really cosy”.

Mum Tilly found that the fitted sheet washed well and liked the organic mattress protector. She said “it is essential for my recently potty trained toddler. A lot of mattress protectors can be plastic coated - which keeps the moisture off the mattress, but makes it very hot to sleep on. This one is obviously very breathable with a lovely soft surface; and again, the quality is excellent. We haven't had any accidents on it yet, but if we do I will let you know how it performs.”

We’ll check in with Tilly and her daughter again for their final verdict after three months of using the Naturalmat mattress and bedding.

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