Three months ago, we recruited a toddler tester to switch from a synthetic foam mattress to our natural fibre mattress and organic bedding in the Natural Sleep Challenge. The two-year-old suffered from occasional restlessness and night sweats, and her Mum, Tilly, was keen to find out if a Naturalmat mattress and bedding could help her daughter sleep better.

After one month, we checked in with Tilly and she was pleased to report her little girl hadn’t had any night sweats and has been sleeping longer.

After three months of using the Naturalmat mattress and bedding, we asked Tilly to give us her final verdict on the Natural Sleep Challenge.

She said “I am amazed but my daughter STILL has not had one night sweat since using the mattress. I am a definite convert to Naturalmat now - we will be coming back to you in a year or so for advice on a single bed mattress for her big girls’ bed! “

Tilly was impressed with the quality of the bedding and added “It has washed really well: my little girl was poorly recently so I had to frequently strip her bed including the sheet and waterproof cover (which did it's job perfectly as nothing got through to the mattress). Everything that had been washed and dried has also maintained it's as-new softness, which really pleased and surprised me."

She added “I also thought the night sweats would start again when she had a high temperature, but this didn't happen; the mattress still kept her cool and comfortable. I am just so pleased - thank you!”

We concluded that the breathability and self-ventilating properties of the natural fibres in our mattress and bedding helped to regulate her toddlers body temperature throughout the night, and this stopped the occurrence of the night sweats. Having a supportive and comfortable mattress would have helped improved her sleep quality and restlessness also.

The mattress used in the challenge was the Quilted Latex Mat, which is a medium support natural fibre mattress that is ideal for toddlers. We also provided our organic waterproof mattress protector which is breathable and machine washable to keep the mattress clean. An organic brushed cotton fitted sheet was used to fit over the mattress and protector, for a soft covering layer.

We’d like to thank Tilly and her daughter for taking part in the challenge and reporting back their progress over the last three months. We wish them many more peaceful nights to come!

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