Powered by a waterfall. Hidden in a magical forest. Built by six strangers.

[caption id="attachment_28" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Off-grid waterfall powered pub designed by Devon Architects, New British Design for Carlsberg UK[/caption]

It’s not often you find a collaboration of Westcountry businesses teaming up with a global brand to create a world first, but this summer, that’s just what happened.

Our latest collaboration saw us team up with innovative Devon architects New British Design and the perfect rural location in North Cornwall, to enable Carlsberg to open the world’s first completely off-grib pub, powered only by waterfall.  Built the Danish way, it was a unique social experiment as well as an innovative design challenge created by advertising agency Fold7 and Hyperact.

Dubbed the Carlsberg Cabin and designed to sleep six people, guests can expect to enjoy an experience reconnecting them with the simple pleasures of the great outdoors. This off-grid pub was built by a team of six handpicked participants who had to embrace Danish values of simplicity, directness, and open communication in order to bond with their new campmates and create a team capable of pulling off the ground-breaking build over just five days.

[caption id="attachment_34" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Naturalmat organic handmade mattresses used to furnish rooms of the off-grid pub built in a unique social experiment by Carlsberg UK.[/caption]

Nestled in a quarry in North Cornwall, the cabin sits at the head of a waterfall that powers its lights and the Carlsberg Expørt DraughtMaster beer pump via a turbine that guests can enjoy during their stay. The building itself is a modular design by architect Ben Huggins of New British Design, comprising sustainable larch wood which blends traditional Danish design cues with those of the classic British pub.

Here’s where we came in.  With our origins in handcrafting mattresses for yachts and boats, this latest collaboration saw us furnishing the rooms of a very different type of cabin.

Based in neighbouring Devon and sharing the same values of made by hand and built to last, we were the perfect partners to provide bespoke sofa cushions and camping mats for the cabin. Guests can sleep well on our Camping Mats filled with locally sourced organic lambswool and recycled denim. For reconnecting with friends in comfort, sofa cushions filled with our natural fibres were also handmade by our craftsmen in Devon.

Naturalmat Founder Peter Tindall says, “As experts in handcrafting bespoke mattresses, we embraced the challenge to furnish this unique cabin that showcases the best in British design and creative craft.  We really feel we’ve created something special and the collaboration between Devon-based New British Design, ourselves and this fabulous site in North Cornwall made it a very special project for the Westcountry.”

If you fancy getting off the beaten track and letting go of the hustle and bustle of modern life, you can book your stay at the Carlsberg Cabin on Airbnb.

Photos by George Fielding