Getting little ones to sleep on nights away from home and holidays can be a challenge. Our Sleep Expert, Christabel Majendie, gives her top 5 travel tips for babies and toddlers.

1) Maintain the same bedtime routine as you do at home so your child knows it is time for sleep. A good routine could include having a bath (or shower if no bath), a bedtime story, cuddles and lights off.

2) Take a few familiar things from home to help settle your child in the unfamiliar sleeping environment. Examples could be teddies, blankets, a small pillow.

3) If there is a change in time zone think how you will manage this. If only a few days you might want to keep your child on the same time as back home. For longer period, adjusting to the time zone will take a few days but you can start adjusting a few days before you leave by putting your child to bed and waking them up 15minutes early/ later (depending on the time zone) each day until you depart.

4) To help with adjusting to time zones, set meal times fixed around the new time zones rather than having irregular eating patterns.

5) In addition get your child out in the natural daylight for at least an hour in the morning to help the brain adjust to the new day/ night cycle.

And remember it is normal for your child’s sleep to be unsettled with changes of environment and changes in time zones so allow them time to adjust.

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