Circular Business 


Where we are now


  • We were the first company in the world to create a circular loop within mattress manufacturing.
  • We have always made a great effort to limit the amount of raw materials we extract from the earth. We use off-cuts & recycled materials in our mattresses, and our own off-cuts and waste are reused and recycled.
  • We assemble our mattresses in a way that makes it easy for us, at the end of their initial lifespan (c.10 years), to either disassemble and rejuvenate them, or disassemble and recycle every single individual component.
  • As a result, zero Naturalmat mattresses end up in landfill.
  • We also offer a recycling scheme for customers’ old (non-Naturalmat) mattresses.

Our goals


  • Operate a fully circular business where absolutely every raw material that comes into our workshop is either used or recycled, and never thrown away.
  • Become known as the leading circular business within the furniture industry.
  • For all Naturalmat customers to use our refurbishment or recycling scheme when their mattress reaches the end of its initial lifespan.
  • Combat the mattress industry’s serious landfill problem.

How we will get there


  • We will identify which raw materials are currently thrown away, and find a solution for each one.
  • We will highlight what is currently wrong with the mattress industry and become more outspoken about producer responsibility.
  • We will advocate for more circulatory within the furniture industry and galvanise action from our peers.


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