Climate Emergency


Where we are now


  • Minimizing our impact on the planet has always been important to us, but we feel now is the time to declare a climate & ecological emergency and implement a formal sustainability strategy.
  • We know we have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the mattress industry and will be publishing our updated calculations shortly.
  • We have had solar panels at our Topsham headquarters and workshop since 2008 and these provide around 75% of our electricity.

Our goals


  • Become a net zero business. This does not mean just offsetting our carbon emissions (which could be done tomorrow). This means working hard to reduce our emissions as far as possible, and then offsetting the remainder.
  • Make all of our customer deliveries by electric vehicle or bicycle.
  • Use renewable energy for 100% of our electricity requirements.
  • Develop a rewilding project locally in Devon to support ecological diversity.

How we will get there


  • We will shortly be setting a net zero climate target.
  • We will be measuring our carbon emissions annually and working to reduce these as much as possible. Our progress will be documented in an annual Impact Report.


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