Duvet Tog Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Duvet Cover


How To Choose Most Suitable Tog For You

A Good Nights’ Sleep Starts Under The Right Duvet


You can make your bedroom a haven of comfort by choosing the ideal bedding for you, ensuring that you drift off to sleep under the best possible covers. Experts recommend that the bedroom temperature is set to 16 - 18*C (60.8 – 64.4F), and your body temperature is regulated with a duvet to trap warm air instead, helping you sleep well so that you wake up rested with a clear head. 

Our bodies are all very different and finding the perfect duvet “partner” is a very personal matter.

There is definitely no one tog fits all. To help you find the perfect duvet for your body, our resident Sleep Expert, Christabel has put together a simple guide below to help you decide by learning what a tog actually is!


Duvet togs explained - What Is A Tog?


Duvets come with their own scale of warmth, called tog ratings, however thicker doesn’t necessarily mean warmer unless we are talking about a double duvet - these tend to be quite toasty!

Natural filling duvets can feel lighter than synthetic duvets, but they are able to trap air better and therefore provide more warmth, especially in cold winter months!

The tog is simply a measure of thermal insulance, meaning how well the material inside a defined area (duvet) is protecting you against outside thermal factors like heat or cold. The scale goes from 1 tog (the coolest) to 15 (the warmest – ideal for double-digit subzero temperatures). There are many duvets on the market to suit all sorts of tastes and changing climates, as well as budgets and health conditions. Generally, bedding industry experts recommend for warm nights during summer you would want 1 - 7 tog rating, whereas between 9 - 10.5 tog rating or above should keep you warm in the winter, depending on your climate, however, this is merely guidance.


Choosing A Tog Rating For You


Being too hot or too cold at night is a recipe for bad sleep. If you live in a climate where seasons are well defined, it can take some forward planning to transition between them as you switch between two duvets. If the climate you live in doesn’t change all the much seasonally, an all-year-round duvet is probably the best option for you.

What to think about when choosing a new duvet


Tog rating should never be considered in isolation, as you also need to think about things like:


  • How warm your bedroom normally gets?
  • What climate do you live in?
  • Will you be sharing a duvet with your partner or sleeping under it alone?
  • What is your budget for bedding?
  • How well does your body naturally regulate heat?


At Naturalmat, we handmake our natural duvets from white goose down and our organic lambswool; the same lambswool we use in all our mattresses. To help you decide, below is a simple chart of the different tog ratings you will find in our shop.

naturalmat duvet tog guide and tog ratings

It is worth noting that our Organic Lambswool duvets come with cotton ties around the edges, so if you want an extra warm duvet (of up to 13 tog) you can tie our 300g and 500g duvet together, or to achieve the equivalent of 10 tog rating (for that all year-round cosiness) you could tie two of 300g duvets together.

You can check out our adult and nursery range of duvets to find your new duvet today.


Do Duvets Lose Their Tog Value


Having settled on the perfect duvet for you, you may wonder if its tog rating will decrease over time, and how long you have left to enjoy your duvet before you need to replace it… well, like most things in life, duvets and their tog rating don’t last forever.

Just like pillows and all other bedding, duvets will show signs of wear and tear over time. Choosing wisely to start with and opting for duvets made with natural fibres will ensure you get to enjoy your duvet for longer. According to the Sleep Council, you should consider changing your duvet every 5 years, however with proper care and regular cleaning you can keep your natural fibre duvets longer. All Naturalmat our organic lambswool duvets are strictly dry clean only.


Natural Duvet Fillings


After you have worked out how warm you like your bed to be, it’s time to think about what to fill that duvet with. There are many reasons to go for natural duvet fillings. Natural fillings like white goose down, feathers and organic lambswool, which are used in our duvets, have no chemicals, so you can rest assured you are not sleeping under anything toxic. We do not use any synthetic materials or synthetic fibres in our duvets.

Due to the ability of the natural fibres to trap more air better and provide more warmth, less filling is needed. It’s simply an irresistibly luxurious feeling to be sleeping under a soft and fluffy feather and down duvet - you just can't get this with a synthetic duvet.

Natural fillings are also very breathable, meaning your skin is breathing through the night and generally it feels lighter around your body, so don’t be fooled into thinking that a heavier duvet means the warmer the duvet – it doesn’t.

To make things even simpler, we offer only two types of duvets - one that is anti-allergy.

Duck Feather Duvetsnaturalmat-duck-feather-duvet

Feather your nest with this duck feather duvet. The duck feathers are wonderfully plump and airy, so that the duvet settles down over you keeping you warm when you need it, but allowing airflow too. A plush combination of 70% European duck feather and 30% duck down.

The duck feather duvet comes in two ratings, one for winter 9 tog and one for summer 4.5 tog. Simple.

Goose Down Duvetsnaturalmat-goose-down-duvet

Our white goose down duvets are luxurious, soft and fluffy and made by cleverly combining 70% of white goose down with 30% of feathers. Feathers give the duvet loft and structure with the down adding plump cosiness and comfort, ensuring a good night's sleep.

Our goose down duvets are all completely chemical free, encased in 100% cotton cambric casing and come in two ratings, one for winter 9 tog and one for summer 4.5 tog.

Organic Lambswool Duvetsnaturalmat-organic-lambswool-duvet

Perfect for those with allergies, our organic lambswool duvet offers a slick and slender profile and are somewhat different from the traditional and plush down duvets. However, these quilted duvets are simply amazing at regulating temperature, due to wool’s natural properties, making them great all-season duvets.

The organic wool filling in our 300g (approx. 3-5 tog) and 500g (approx. 6-8 tog) duvets is incased in 100% cotton cambric casing and is expertly made to order by hand in Devon.

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Togs for all the family


Picking a duvet for yourself is hard enough, but picking it for your child can be a whole different level of complicated! Check out our tips by our Sleep Expert, Christabel about choosing a duvet with the right tog rating for your child.


  • It is not recommended that children have a duvet under the age of one.
  • Young children tend to be warmer than adults, so when they get a bit bigger you can start them off on a smaller tog duvet, like our Organic Lambswool duvet 300g (which is roughly tog 3-5), and as they grow you can add another 300g duvet by tying them two together.
  • Trying multiple duvets together means you can adjust the tog rating as and when you need it, turning your lightweight summer duvet into a snuggly winter duvet when it starts getting colder.


After all, a happily sleeping child is a happily sleeping parent too!


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