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Made to measure beds

If you have a bed, cot or crib that isn’t quite standard, we offer a made to measure service for all of our mattresses.

Rectangle Mattresses

Take 2 measurements of the mattress you are replacing, the length and the width (in cm’s please)

  • Order your selected mattress in the next size above the dimensions you have. For example if your mattress measures 146cm x 180cm order the king size mattress (150cm x 200cm)
  • If you’re not sure which mattress to order, give us a call on 01392 877 247
  • On the product page tick the check box “Made To Measure” and provide the dimensions of the mattress you require in the form provided

Crib, Oval and Shaped Baby Mattresses

If your mattress is shaped (rounded corners, oval, round) in order that we get it absolutely spot on we need you to send us a template.

Creating a template Use a piece of stiff card or paper and place your old mattress on top. Pencil round the outline of the mattress to create your template. Place the template in the cot or crib to make sure it's a perfect fit.

Ordering When ordering, select a size which will accommodate your template. Most cribs are less than 50cm x 90cm so choose the Coco Mat (up to 50cm x 90cm). If it is larger, order the next size up in cot 60cm x 120cm or cotbed 70cm x 140cm size. For example, if your mattress is 55cm x 116cm long, order the cot mattress measuring 60cm x 120cm.

Templates On the product page check the made to measure check box and add the words Template to Follow into the text box provided.

Send your template to: NaturalmatOdhams Wharf,TopshamDevon,EX3 0PD 

Please add a contact number and name on the template, so we can get in touch if we have any questions.

Travelmat - Travel Cot Mattress

For sizes less than 65cm x 120cm, tick the 'made to measure' check box and add your length and width required (in cms). For larger sizes contact us for a quote. 

The Costs

Cot, cotbed and junior mattress sizes (up to 90cm x 190cm) - Additional £15.00

Travelmat (up to 65cm x 120cm) - Additional £10.00

Single sizes - Additional £25.00

All sizes over a standard single- Additional £100.00





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