Our Heritage


From our family to yours.

We’re passionate about natural mattresses and beds and this love started even before our founder Mark discovered the joys of fatherhood when he was a young and keen sailor and struggled to apprehend the poor quality of sleeping cabins on sailboats. When his son was due to be born, Mark’s innovative thinking has taken the nursery mattress industry by storm, creating the first, original, entirely natural and organic baby mattress. And that's how Naturalmat was born...

This passion has run in our team’s veins ever since and our obsession to make the best mattresses and beds has been passed down to every member of the team from generation to generation.

Our business is a family one, we treat it, and everyone in it as our own. It’s not just our own family ties, but many other families have also passed down their skills within the business, to sons and daughters, aunties, uncles and great-great grandfathers. We truly are a family business and we care about what we do.


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