Guide to bespoke mattresses

Need something unique?

If you have a bed that isn’t quite standard, finding the right mattress can be a bit of a headache. Which is why we offer all of our adult mattresses in made to measure sizes.

We can make any of our Natural Fibre and Sprung mattresses to your exact dimensions, it simply isn’t a problem.

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How It Works

  • Take 2 measurements of the mattress you are replacing, the length and the width (in cm’s please)

  • Order your selected mattress in the next size above the dimension you have. For example if your mattress measures 146cm x 180cm order the king size mattress (150cm x 200cm). If you’re not sure which mattress to order, give us a call and we can help specify it for you

  • On the product page tick the checkbox “Made To Measure” and provide the dimensions of the mattress you require in the form provided

If you don’t have an old mattress as a template and you need us to develop a mattress for a bed or bed base, measure the surface area that the mattress needs to sit on and follow the above process. Again if you’d rather run this by us first, give us a call on 01392 877 247 and we can talk you through the process.

Headboards: Sometimes headboards are manufactured for a certain mattress depth. It’s worth taking a look at your headboard to make sure that there’s adequate clearance for a mattress of 25cm depth...

The Costs

All sizes over a standard single - additional £100.00

Single sizes (including long and small single sizes) - additional £25.00




Please note that all Made to Measure products are not returnable for refunds or exchange.

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