Our Material Certifications

85% of the materials we use to make our beds, mattresses, toppers and bedding hold sustainability certifications from recognised bodies, such as FSC, Soil Association and Fairtrade. But we still have work to do. For example, we'd like to increase the volume of recycled materials we use in our products and explore new recycled options.


Mattresses & Toppers


Key Material



Cotton covers

Organic lambswool


FSC certified



Not certified, but our denim offcuts are a byproduct of the jeans industry




Feather & Down

Cotton bedding (Nursery)

Cotton bedding (Adult)




Timber sheet materials

FSC certified

Timber components

FSC certified


Uncertified Materials

Currently, we don't have certifications for our mohair or timber bed legs, but we are looking into this with our suppliers.
Although not certified, our steel springs are made using 14-18% of recycled steel, and we are working with our supplier to increase this percentage.


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