Mohair – natural insulation from the Angora goat

One of the most luxurious natural materials known to man, mohair has been used for centuries as a textile fabric. Made from the hair of the Angora goat, an animal that originated in Central Asia before it was imported to Australia, the USA and Africa in the 19th Century, mohair is extremely lustrous and known as ‘the diamond fibre’.


What is mohair?

Mostly composed of keratin, a protein found in the hair, wool, horns and skin of all animals, mohair boasts other special properties that are unique to the Angora goat. Like cashmere and silk, mohair belongs to a family of luxurious natural fabrics and is often more expensive than sheep’s wool.

Here at Naturalmat, we utilise mohair’s natural durability and resilience, as well as its breathability and insulating properties.

For the Angora goat, mohair is a dream outer coat. It’s warm in winter, while remaining cool in summer due to its moisture ‘wicking’ properties. In effect, this is mohair’s ability to draw moisture away from the body, a system which guarantees year-round comfort. These qualities ensure that, at night, you stay cosy in winter and keep cool in summer.

Why we love to use mohair?

It may be luxuriant, but mohair is also durable, which makes it ideal in a Naturalmat mattress. Mohair also boasts natural elasticity which, along with the other materials in the mattress, makes it wonderfully supportive and supremely comfortable. Unlike synthetic mattresses, which often include chemical fire retardants, mohair is naturally flame resistant. 

We use mohair across our ranges of Natural Fibre and Pocket Sprung mattresses, whenever durability, resilience and breathability are key to a product.


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