Baby and Child Mattress Toppers

Natural Baby and Child Mattress Toppers

Baby and child mattress toppers are marvellous things, adding a refined finishing touch to the comfort levels of their mattress. Designed to work harmoniously with the mattress rather than change it, kids mattress toppers add a top layer of pure luxury. Our UK made child toddler bed and cot mattress toppers can also add life to an ageing mattress, if you can't face replacing their existing mattress just yet. Each of our Devon-made baby and kids mattress toppers offer something different, with their own unique feel and combination of natural fibre hypoallergenic fillings.

The Tremendous bed topper is a blend of latex, cashmere, bamboo and lambswool providing an opulent, five-star addition to your mattress. With natural latex rubber for superior support, the Bovey is hypoallergenic and naturally breathable. An inspired coupling of organic lambswool and natural latex means the Terrific delivers a balanced combination of support and comfort. The Trendy mattress topper marries recycled cotton denim with organic lambswool to provide a medium-soft addition to your mattress. For super softness, look no further than the Traditional, a double layer feather topper. The Frome Topper offers a thin yet soft addition to your mattress with its’ two layers of organic breathable lambswool. All our luxury mattress pad toppers are handmade in the UK from the finest natural fibres. Pick the ideal mattress topper and fine-tune their sleeping environment to be just right!

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  1. The Tremendous Topper
    The Tremendous Topper
    From £425.00
  2. The Terrific Topper
    The Terrific Topper
    From £345.00
  3. The Bovey Topper
    The Bovey Topper
    From £325.00
  4. The Traditional Topper
    The Traditional Topper
    From £325.00
  5. The Trendy Topper
    The Trendy Topper
    From £260.00
  6. The Frome Topper
    The Frome Topper
    From £285.00
  7. Baby Mattress Topper
    Baby Mattress Topper
    From £55.00
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