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Stimulating child’s development is integrated into the clever design of Leander Cradle…which may not give you superpowers when you, almost by magic, rock you baby to sleep, but we think it is pretty cool anyway. Leander Cradle allows the freedom of movement in all directions, which relaxes your child and stimulates their senses, balance and motor skills. The idea behind Leander Cradle comes from unity of design and function. Newborns like to feel that there is something around them, imitating the environment they come from. Leander Cradle encloses the baby and creates a safe little space for your baby to adjust to the world around them.

This beautiful baby cradle can be hung from the ceiling, or stand on it’s own tripod. You can pick from either White or Grey finish with three different colours for the canopy (pink, white or blue).

To add another superpower to your arsenal, you can rest assured that your baby will be rocking away on the best mattress, made purely from nature-derived materials, supremely breathable, hypo-allergenic and certified organic, where possible. We have been handcrafting baby mattresses on the banks of River Exe in Devon since 2001 and are proud to pioneer natural mattresses which create the safest sleeping environment for your baby.

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