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Organic mattresses for older children, teenagers and young adults

As your little ones grow, they enter a very exciting period of their development and they need all the right things to support them and make sure their energy levels throughout the day give them plenty of opportunities to explore the world around them.

That is why we have invented a grown-up mattress with the benefits of something that can handle drink spillages and biscuit crumbs – Naturalmat Spring Teen mattress, which offers medium support.

With a bouncier feel to the Natural Teen mattress, it's made with a spring unit at its core, topped with a layer of soft organic lambswool and finally encased in breathable cotton. Perfect.

We make all our teen mattresses from the most carefully sourced of materials, including organic lambswool and the softest cotton. And the built-in insulation of these materials ensures the mattress you choose will be supremely cosy in winter but lovely and breathable in summer. Pretty clever, we think you’ll find.

Our bedding collection includes soft, breathable organic ivory cotton sheets and mattress protectors that are ideal for teenagers with sensitive skin or allergies. We also have pillows and duvets made from hypoallergenic organic lambswool or super soft goose down and feather.

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  1. The Natural Teen Mattress
    The Natural Teen Mattress
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  2. The Teen Spring Mattress
    The Teen Spring Mattress
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