Orthopaedic Support From Natural Materials

At Naturalmat, we are passionate about giving you the best possible night’s sleep. Part of this mission involves a conversation to ensure we match the perfect mattress to your unique needs. Being aware of your aches and pains – and what support best alleviates those symptoms – is key to finding the right mattress. What is ideal for one person may not be suitable for another.


Aligned spine

Keeping your spine aligned in bed is key to a comfortable night’s sleep. When your body is able to rest in a natural position that promotes optimal spinal alignment, your muscles can relax. When your mattress is not properly suited to your needs, your muscles work all night trying to keep your body in the correct balance. Inevitably, you wake up sore and aching.


Supporting bodily functions

Your spine is responsible for supporting your body and all its various functions throughout the day, so helping it relax at night is essential for your overall health. If your mattress fails to support you, this could lead to increased pain.


Support for aches and pains

If you suffer from aches and pains, it may be that you need a mattress at the firmer end of the spectrum.  This will offer support to your body and especially to your back, by not allowing the middle of your body to sink, as can happen with a softer mattress. If your mattress is too soft, your midsection will often sink in, meaning your spine is bent in an unnatural manner, often leading to back pain.


To help you decide, our mattresses come in two ranges. At the firmer, denser end, there’s the Natural Fibre range (which utilises the innate spring, support and flexibility of natural latex and coir). For a bouncier, springier feel, there’s the Pocket Sprung range. But because you come in different shapes and sizes, there are many variations – a soft, medium and firm version of every Pocket Sprung mattress and, within the Natural Fibre range, three options – the Cashmere (soft), Lambswool (medium) and Mohair (firm). Rest assured, we’ll make the decision as simple as possible – talking you through the ranges and, most importantly, letting you try out all the options. Our Sleep Zone in the Chiswick showroom is the very best place to do this – a softly lit environment in which you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable, and able to make an unhurried, objective decision. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect mattress.


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