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At the heart of this bed is a Superb Spring mattress our best selling mattress which miraculously combines luxury, support and comfort (it has a sprung inner core for additional bounce).

The Carrick our flagship bed provides the support. An elegantly styled bed with a simple headboard upholseterd in Bute fabric and combined with our handmade Beech base.

Our goose down duvets and pillows finish the set in opulent style and to keep it all in pristine condition, a washable wool mattress protector.

- 1 x sprung "Superb" mattress with natural fibre fillings

- 4 x goose down pillows

- 1 x goose down duvet 9 TOG

- 1 x "Carrick" bed upholstered in Bute fabric (Colour: Gooseberry)

- 1 x washable wool mattress protector

- Completely chemical free

- All handmade in Devon

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