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Product description

The Bovey is filled with natural latex rubber (tapped from rubber trees) which provides excellent orthopaedic support, not to mention being hypo-allergenic and naturally breathable. The inner cover holds the latex in place and finally the quilted anti-bed bug outer cover is breathable and soft.

- Natural latex filling

- Hand-made

- 100% cotton cover

- Naturally anti bed bug and dust mite

- Naturally supportive

- Chemical free

What's Inside Our Mattresses and Toppers

Cotton Covers Our cotton is pure, unbleached and undyed  

Organic Lambswool From local Soil Association certified farms

Natural Latex Made using the sap from Hevea rubber trees

Organic Coir Springy, breathable fibre, from coconut husk

Cashmere Soft, breathable and a superb insulator

Mohair Durable and elastic, mohair also wicks away moisture

Springs Hand nested pocket springs in pure cotton covers




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