Organic Wool Duvet - 500g

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  • 5/5 by on

    The wool is amazing, it keeps you warm or cools you down depending on the season. You can tell that it is high-quality, untreated wool from the feeling and the (very) light smell of sheep.

  • 3/5 by on

    Having purchased a number of wool duvets, this appears to be a reasonable product, expensive but it is organic and produced from UK wool. The the bias-binding ties in the corners (to tie to an additional duvet) are a simple but good idea. Shopping experience with Natural Mat ruined by appalling customer service, lack of communication and lengthy delivery period.

  • 5/5 by on

    might be small for those who feel colder and like to roll themselves into the duvet

  • 5/5 by on

    Soft, luxurious, warm duvet - love it!!

  • 5/5 by on

    the quilt was very good, unfortunately not what we needed but that was our fault not the products

  • 2/5 by on

    Very heavy.Much heavier than a normal duvet.

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