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Size Guide

All our mattresses and bed sizes are standard UK sizes as specified by the National Bed Federation. If you’re buying a mattress for an existing bed, cot or crib it's always best to measure the bed to make sure it's a standard size. If it's not, don't worry, we hand make all of our products so we can make something in the size you need, just give us a call on 01392 877 247 or follow the made to measure guide on all of our mattress product pages.


With our bed bases we recommend that from Double size and above, the base is split. This is to ensure that we can deliver the base easily to your home and avoid having to turn back if there simply isn’t the access we need. Splitting also makes it easier for you to move your bed or bed base around, when you need to.The separate halves of the base are securely fitted with sturdy, easy-fit linking plates.

Mattresses come as one piece by default, but for our larger mattresses it can make sense to split the mattress, to ensure access. The 2 halves would then be linked together when in position with a sturdy linking zip, that is cleverly stitched into the hems on the top and bottom of each half. This also makes it possible to have 2 different mattresses on each half, should one of you prefer something different to your other half!

The following are our standard adult sizes which cover mattresses, toppers, beds and bed bases.

Single 90cm x 190cm
Double 137cm  x 190cm
King 150cm x 200cm
Superking 180cm x 200cm
Emperor 200cm x 200cm

Baby Mattresses

Baby mattresses can vary in size and shape and again it’s always best to measure the area you need your mattress to lay on. Our standard sizes for baby mattresses are as follows:

Cot         60cm x 120cm
Cotbed 70cm x 140cm

Crib sizes can vary but are typically 50cm x 90cm.

If your’e not sure about what size you need for your baby, please do give us a call on 01392 877 247 and we can help you get the correct size for your child.

How we measure the depth of our mattresses
The mattress depths stated on our website are measured at their fullest point. The mattress is placed on a flat firm surface with a straight measure placed on top. The depth provided is the measurements between these points. Please refer to the illustration shown. If you have any queries on our sizing, contact our team on 01392 877247.


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