Our FR Treatment

All of our mattresses meet all the British and European safety standard (BS EN597, BS 7177) providing you with a safe sleeping environment. To meet these standards, we are required by law to ensure that all of our mattresses are Fire Retardant (FR). We can do this in a completely chemical free process for our baby and child mattresses.

All of our adult mattresses in the ivory herringbone finish are treated with an Oeko-Tex 100 certified FR treatment. Our Oeko-Tex® certified fabric is free from more than 300 harmful substances that could pose health risks, including allergenic dyes and bleaches - certification is only given after the product passes strict laboratory testing and requirements. At Naturalmat, we believe in safeguarding the environment and your health by only using products that are both safe and of the highest quality, and  you can rest easy knowing that the fabrics are free from harmful chemicals and safe to sleep on.

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