Sustainable Sourcing


Where we are now


  • Since day one, all of our raw materials have come from natural and renewable sources which are either biodegradable or recyclable. The one exception is our steel springs which are recyclable.
  • Our supplier environmental certifications include FSC, PEFC, Fair Trade, Soil Association, and GRS.
  • We buy the majority of our raw materials direct from source, keeping our supply chain short and low impact. Our organic wool, for example, is sourced directly from farmers right here on our doorstep in Devon.
  • We also use recycled denim in some of our mattresses.

Our goals 


  • Get as close to 100% sustainable sourcing as we possibly can.
  • Fully certify our entire supply chain and ensure all materials are fully traceable.
  • Shorten our supply chain further and buy all of our raw materials direct from source.
  • Incorporate more recycled materials into our products.

How we will get there


  • We are working with our suppliers to produce eco-friendly alternatives for tougher packaging in addition to our potato starch and sugar cane packaging, such as an innovative sugar-cane based eco-polymer.
  • We are in the process of trying to further increase the number of our suppliers that hold environmental, animal welfare, and/or social certifications. Where this isn't possible our team is busy researching alternatives.


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