The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Duvet

Our duvets and pillows are often the most neglected items when it comes to washing bedding. Since these items do not come in direct contact with our skin and are generally big and bulky, it always slips the priorities list in getting them cleaned.


Why you should wash your duvet?

Although it is not visible to the naked eye, but those fluffy pillows and cosy duvets we so lovingly wrap ourselves with and lay our heads on can harbour bacteria, our dead skin cells and the bodily fluids lost during sleep (on average about 250ml of liquid per night), so it is important to wash them regularly and care for them in-between the washes as well.

How often you should clean your duvet?

It often can be a neglected chore, but your duvets should be washed every six months to prevent bacteria, dead skin cells and all the bodily fluids lost during sleep from becoming harmful to your healthy sleep.

Can Naturalmat wool and goose down duvets be washed?

Due to the natural element of some fillings in the duvets we offer, we recommend professional care. Check out detailed care instructions below and always refer to the product care label.

Organic Lambswool Duvets

Our organic lambswool duvets are filled with the finest West Country lambswool, which is also used in all our mattresses. The lambswool duvets are not designed for machine washing and to maintain your lambswool duvet in top condition, we recommend professionally dry cleaning them.

Many associate dry cleaning with nasty chemicals, however, we have seen revolutionary eco-dry cleaners emerge in recent years, which offer the same quality professional dry cleaning, without the use of harmful chemicals.

Find your local eco-dry cleaner online, or we recommend checking out Johnsons Cleaners, which have over 190 branches nationwide.

Goose Down Duvets

If you are lucky to have a deep enough washing machine that can fit your duvet in, we recommend washing our goose down duvets at 40*C but they can be washed at 30*C. Lower temperatures save energy, helping to be kinder to the environment. Washing your duvets on your washing machine’s “delicate” cycle will prevent any tear and wear opting for eco-friendly detergents now available on the market will ensure no nasty chemicals get inside your natural duvet.

However, if your house is not equipped with professional size washing machines, your local laundrette will be able to professionally wash and tumble dry your goose down duvet ensuring they come out fluffy, soft and most importantly clean!

Duvet care at home between the washing

Airing is caring!

Over the course of the night, our duvets and pillows work hard on supporting our body, coating it in a protective and warm environment by trapping the air inside and then dispersing it as necessary to keep up warm in winter and cool in the summer.

In the mornings, we often hurry to make our beds, as we have been taught, ignoring the need for fresh air to pass through our duvets and pillows, since the air trapped inside pillows and duvets becomes stale and stagnant with time.

To enjoy that fresh bedding smell night after night, air your duvets and pillows as often as possible! Taking off all protective layers and covers, and ben linen through your duvet over balcony railing or a clothesline and in the evening you can enjoy that fresh bedding smell, full of clean fresh air.

How to spot clean a duvet


Spill accidents happen…and if caught just in time the damage to the duvet can be isolated and dealt with a spot clean. To spot clean your duvet after a spillage happened:

  • pinch the otter duvet cover
  • shake to remove any of the filling from that area
  • tie the isolated area with a string or a band
  • apply mild detergent mixed with warm water to the affected area
  • rub the lather into the stain
  • rinse with warm water
  • squeeze excess water out as much as possible
  • untie the isolated area and let air dry

Your stain should be all gone and you can continue to enjoy dry, clean and cosy night’s sleep!


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